pirates & treasure map - memory match
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pirates & treasure map - memory match

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This 24 piece memory match is themed with pirates and has pirate gold printed on the reverse side and also comes with your very own treasure map - size A6.

How to Play Memory Match: Turn all the pieces over and take turns flipping them face up 2 at a time to find the matching pair. Find all the pairs!

Story Telling Ideas: Line up the pieces as you create the story yourself or lucky dip pieces from the bag and create a story as you go. In a group setting everyone can lucky dip 3 pieces and create a funny sentence with the pieces they chose. Add a 3D element to your story and add these pieces to a play scene or sensory tray. Hide one half of the set in a sensory tray of rice or something dry and find them one by one and match them to the paired disc.

Wooden Discs - Measuring 5cm wide 3mm thin.

Each set comes in a stamped and named calico drawstring bag. All timber is FSC (ethically farmed). Timber grain will vary. All sets are made in Australia.
Not for children under 3 years of age.