Word Finders Club Feature #010

Word Finders Club
Here's a little background info about the wonderful Jana!
"I'm is an illustrator, mama and magical letter writer. While on maternity leave I bought a sketchbook and 2B pencil, I had this need to be creative. So I began drawing and sharing my illustrations on instagram. I discovered that drawing is a way for me to process my thoughts and emotions, and this led me to create the Happiful Journal to help little ones like my son process their day using creativity."
Loving Reminders
Jana definitely has a simply magical way of sharing reminders through her art whether it's a reminder that there are tough days and personal growth or a reminder to fill your cup! 
Gratitude and mindfulness can be difficult to think about on tough days and our collaboration of the Gratitude Blocks are the perfect little prompt. Jana's illustrations are the sweetest little reminders and ideas to fill your bucket, take a moment for yourself or do something you love! These beautiful pictures are from Vanessa @thevibrantmama 
Our first collaboration with Jana was our two memory match sets because they're just super cute!! I just love the way Jana creates her little characters and I  just had to have them! We have plant pals on the left and space friends on the right.
Festivities of Christmas
Nicole from @sweet_life_of_mine_ had such a beautiful Christmas in 2020 and used our most recent collaboration with Jana from @wordfindersclub - our Christmas Blocks. Jana has illustrated 18 wonderful little Christmas prompts to enjoy the festive season with and these little beauties will be back for 2021! Yay!
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@henry.at.home featuring the Christmas Blocks