Transport Story Tellers Feature #001

Our 30 piece transport story tellers set was made to match the safari toob transport sets to open up play activities to even more ideas!

We're excited to be starting something new by featuring our sets to show off amazing play ideas to use them in. We're kicking it all off with one of our most popular sets. These features will show different activities to do with this one set from many of our followers and past reps. If you'd like to join in the fun.. set up your transport set and tag us @mylittleset & #mylittlesettransport
Kicking us off is the wonderful Nicole from @our.adventures.of.wonder
Transport Sorting
Nicole has drawn up her own sorting cards for the discs to be sorted by wheels, emergency vehicles, passenger vehicles, engines and vehicles that float! The visual memory and judgement involved, and the ability to identify patterns, relationships, similarities and differences, assists children in learning about early number representation and problem-solving.
With this invitation, Nicole has used our transport discs as a drawing and creating prompt. Sometimes it's difficult for a child to be interested in drawing or creating, but when you make it about the child's topic of interest - such as transport - you can have an engaging and fun activity happening! Manipulating and grabbing with the hands is perfect for helping your child develop fine motor skills. Encourages Visual Analysis. Young children do not yet understand some concepts that we may take for granted, such as distance, size comparison, and textural differences.
Nicole's third activity for us is all about clues! Who doesn't love a guessing game? Guessing games help children to focus their attention on the game itself and help them learn to be patient. This is also a fantastic activity for vocabulary as they listen or read the descriptive language about the different types of transport.
Next we have the lovely Mel from
As we mentioned earlier, our transport set was designed to match the safari toobs and here, Mel has used the 'on the road' toob. First, she's placed the discs in a sand tray and only just covered them with sand for her son to brush away the sand to reveal the disc. Once all the discs were discovered, her son has matched the toobs to the discs. This activity encourages hand control. Hand control is the ability to accurately use and manipulate objects, utensils, tools and even fingers in isolation for functional task performance.
Dig & Match
In this amazing invitation, Mel has combined so many great resources to follow her son's interest in vehicles and the alphabet. He uses his trucked to dig out the discs then match them to the picture on the mat. Matching games can increase short term memory and attention to detail.
The next activities are by the extremely popular Kara from @our.tiny.moments
Sensory Tray Play
Kara has such an amazing collection of resources and combines them all to make incredibly engaging sensory trays. In these trays, she has focused on a transport theme using a rice tray and a cotton sand tray along side books, flash cards, safari toobs and timber letters. Sensory trays are beneficial for mindfulness and encourages scientific thinking - texture and manipulation.
We're continuing on with the incredible work with Sara from
Transport Hunt
Do you have a child learning their letters and sounds at the moment? How amazing is this idea! Sara has combined the transport set with our alphabet hunt boards to follow up on Henry's interests of vehicles and letters! One of the main benefits of learning phonics (letter sounds) is that it teaches children to decipher words on their own, which means they ultimately need less help with reading.
If you've made it this far, we thank you! We've created these features to help share activity ideas and a 'how to' with our sets. 
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