The Team Feature #004

It's time for something a little different! Seeing as it's my birthday and I couldn't choose what set to feature on my birthday... so I've decided to feature the amazing team that is my little set! Woo Hoo!
What can we say.. we love working with timber and love any excuse to buy a new machine to make our processes smoother! My Brother does all the big cutting of boards, blocks, activity boards and flash cards in his home workshop. We both love strolling the isles of Bunnings, picking out timber and daydreaming about what machine is next! We've both learnt so many new techniques and he taught me how to use the belt sander (middle picture above) to take on more of the sanding workload. 
My brother and I love to be in the workshop helping each other out but we live 700kms apart, so we really treasure the time we do get. Our timber lengths and sheets are cut by us, well the Bro really as blades still terrify me! Story boards are then routed to make rounded edges, then corners are rounded off with the disc sander, cuts are then made into the boards for the discs to stand in, then the final smooth sand to finish it off. All of our timber is finished off with a hand sand to ensure a smooth finish - perfect for little hands to enjoy!
More Sanding
Sanding sessions are at least a weekly occurrence in our home workshop once we have the cut timber from the Bro. All of the corners of our flash cards and activity boards are rounded to be more child friendly and are then hand sanded around every edge to ensure splinters, chips or rough edges have all been removed. Loud music and singing out loud is definitely happening at the same
Still Sanding
Working with timber brings me joy! It's my happy place to create, to day dream (but concentrating enough to not sand my finger tips off), to have my space from life troubles and to turn a rough piece of timber into something beautiful! Hubs helps out with the sanding too and runs the laser machine for our much loved number trio sets. Hubs is also my biggest supporter who encourages me to dream big, back myself and also does most of the post runs while I'm still running around the studio.
Beautiful Photography
Well, I don't even know where to start with this next bit about my sister-in-law - The Pro - because she is beyond amazing! She listens to me cry about my terrible photography skills and gives me feedback on photos I do take. I send her products and she sends me incredibly gorgeous photos back!! Looking at these photos of hers, I think she loves our flash cards the most ;)
She jumped on board with our #mylittlesetdraw while my nephew was learning about tigers for school! She's my person when I don't have Hubs to go to and I'm so grateful she's part of the team! My next job for her is taking photos of every single set.. we'll see how she responds once she's read this.. HAHA!
Happy hearts
We are all so extremely grateful and our hearts are so full that you keep us so busy working with timber and photography. Hubs and I high five for every purchase you make. Our movie nights now look like me on the floor sorting through thousands of discs to give you the best quality with the occasional glance at the tv and hours at the kitchen bench stamping bags for each and every set. Seeing stacks of cut timber and having to clean up the sawdust after a sanding session is simply happiness in a mess because we get to do what we love.
The Team
Hubs - Me - The Pro - The Bro
Thank you for supporting this handmade business and our two families. We value every word of encouragement you send us on social media and for every fabulous review. We are incredibly thankful for every like, comment, tag, share and story mention of our creations. We love seeing the way you use our sets in your every day play and admire every piece of creativity in the way you display them.
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