Story Board Feature #009

Story Boards
Our story boards are the perfect addition to our sets for so many reasons!! Check out the following ideas and accounts to see how they use our story boards! Let's GO!!
Sara from has 2 of our story boards - the large board and the card holder. Sara has used the card holder (left and right photos) to display pattern cards and also our creepy crawlies set for Henry to look from when finding the matching animals in his book. In the centre, Sara set up an amazing invitation to explore living and non living things but putting a selection of discs in the large story board to display them clearly for Henry. How great is this!!
Daily Routine
Rashini from has used our large story board to set our her daily plan of activities so her little one has visual prompts of what is happening. Visual aides provide structure, help with transition and can reduce anxiety by showing what is about to happen.
Themed Displays
How inviting is this dino display?? Mel from has used our mini story board for our flash cards and the small story board to display the different dinosaurs from our memory match dino set. Interactive displays build interest and engagement which has worked perfectly here in this amazing dinosaur world!
Multiple Uses
Our card holder is the perfect story board for so many different purposes! Rashini from uses her board for many different activities including a display stand for our butterfly life cycle set, a simple daily routine stand and the perfect card holder for a game of uno! 
Invitation to Play
How's this for a transport invitation to play from Mel at! Mel has used our small story board here to display the transport pieces that James can match to his transport match with extra discs hiding in the sensory bin! How great!! Once again, setting up a display helps create the invitation, encourages children to focus and engage in the activity.
Well, if you're not following these amazing ladies yet, be sure to check them out and follow along for so many more great ideas!
@sweet.little.adventures (left)
@our_little_farmer  (centre)
@mylittleset (right)