Hungry Caterpillar Feature #008

Hungry Caterpillar Story Tellers
The Very Hungry Caterpillar would have to be one of the most popular children's stories of all time! Any why not?? The story follows the life and eating journey of a little caterpillar. Let's get right into it and see who is featured along with one of our best sellers - hungry caterpillar story tellers!
Mel from has brought together so many amazing resources here! She's put together this counting activity with connetix tiles, our story tellers and sum blox! What could be more fun than counting pieces of fruit that a caterpillar has eaten through?? Counting is an early numeracy skill. Counting helps our children learn the words for numbers and the right sequence for numbers – ‘one, two, three, four, five.'
Hungry Play
@our_little_farmer has set up these beautiful hungry caterpillar play ideas. 
1. Lay out the discs with the story book open at the start as a prompt for children to retell the story themselves.
2. Read along with the book and place the discs in order as the story is read.
3. Use the story tellers as a drawing and craft prompt.
Language Skills
Story recounting is a great way to foster your little one’s imagination. Retelling encourages a child to picture the characters and story line in her head which also develops their memory and language skills.
Photo credits: 1.  2. @my.dearest.sons  3. @52weeksofmum
Bookish Play
Mel took this activity to the next level on by making a giant caterpillar from connetix tiles for her children to lay out the food eaten by the hungry caterpillar as they read through the story. They matched the discs to the story book then placed them in their story board and the caterpillar ate the food. This is such a creative way to bring this story to life.
Invitation to Play
Our story tellers are the perfect addition to story book play or sensory trays. These two beautiful invitations to play from Nicole @sweet_life_of_mine_ are so simple but wonderfully inviting!! Match our sets with a book to encourage matching, retelling the story and creating your own! Use them in a sensory play tray to add an extra sensory aspect to story telling.