Class Memory Match set & Wall Hanger

We are now introducing my little set FUNDRAISING packs for community groups across Australia. Book now for 2021.

Making memories & keeping them

We all know fundraising is a difficult task, so we've made it fun and easy! There's nothing better than turning self portraits into a long lasting memory.

Who we support

We support schools, kindergartens, home school groups and family day care services Australia wide. If you're not sure if we can support you, please email us at

What we offer

We offer all you need to get started with a fundraising pack including samples to display, order forms, paper for artwork (if you choose a paper pack) and a fundraising profit of $10 per product.

How it works

Once your fundraiser is booked in and you have received your fundraising kit there's 3 simple steps:

1. Advertise your sample sets and send home order forms

2. Ensure all children and adults have drawn themselves on the paper provided or created a digital version using black pen and includes their name is legible (we ask that adults write the child's name).

3. Send your main order form and drawings back to us - paper via post | digital via drop box

Once images are received back, products will be made over a 3-4 week period depending on the size of the order then shipped to you. All products come in a calico bag.

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