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Sensory Play
Sensory play is such an important part of play, learning and language development. What is sensory play? Sensory play is a type of play that activates and stimulates a child’s senses. Come and see how our amazing customers combine sensory play with our sets!
The wonderful Nicole from @ncmummabird has shared many amazing play trays using different sensory bases and our sets. Here she's combined our creepy crawlies discs with mini figures, leaves, chick peas, split peas and black beans along with some tongs. The sensory aspects here are the feel of the different materials on the fingers, the sounds they make as they move around, they way they can be controlled with the use of tongs and then the visual aspect of the animal features on the mini figures to the creatures on the discs.
The lovely mumma at @playthedayaway_ has set up this stunning 3 little pigs play tray using a rice base with added texture elements for the pigs houses. Each new experience a child has with a different sense builds nerve connections that support the growth of the brain. 
Ocean Play Tray
Sandra from @_our.enchanted.farm has set up such a beautiful sensory play tray and has added so many extra moments to learn. She has the sensory element covered with the play dough, mini figures, shells, rice and chick peas for the water and our timber discs. Sandra has added in a matching element with the figurines to the discs and then has added in language and literacy with the book. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity
Transport Sensory
@prettysimpleplay is the lovely Grace who does a fabulous job of creating invitations to play based around her child's interest. She's used our 1-10 matching set here and started the activity by hiding the discs under the chick peas. They were found and matched to the corresponding number on the car, then the chick peas were counted and laid out under each number. This is a fabulous activity for spatial awareness and number recognition in the form of counting sequences, matching and representations.
Sequencing Sensory
Our bear hunt story teller discs are the perfect match here with Nicole's @ncmummabird bear hunt sensory play tray. As the story goes along, a new sensory base is used for the nature element of the story. This allows her little one to feel, see and think about the differences and similarities between each different element as they move through the story. Sensory play helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.
As always, we have a special for you! We have made some amazing sensory rice packs to go along with your play at a pocket friendly price! There are very limited amounts.
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Here's some more great sensory bases to use with our sets...
Left: @henry.at.home  Middle: @for.the.love.of.james.and.evie  Right: @ncmummabird
Header image thanks to @homewithharlow