Feature #015

1-10 Counting & Number recognition
Let's see how our 1-10 matching sets can be used to explore numbers and counting!
Numbers in Play
The wonderful Molly from @babyandherbabies_ uses the 1-10 lady bugs memory match in many different play based activities. Molly's girls use this set to recognise digits and the corresponding number of lady bugs set out in a tens frame. Including numbers in your everyday play will help children begin to grasp number recognition and how they can be used in different ways - in visuals, language, digits and so much more! On the right, Molly has set up an invitation to create play dough lady bugs to add the matching number of dots on.
Rainbow Lovers
The lovely Grace from @prettysimpleplay uses our 1-10 rainbows memory match for a hands on activity to recreate numbers in a tens frame with the discs as prompts. How is a tens frame helpful? Arrangements of counters on the ten frames can be used to prompt different mental images of numbers and different mental strategies for manipulating these numbers, all in association with the numbers' relationship to ten.
Memory Match
Here we have a colourful invitation to play a simple game of memory match that Grace from @prettysimpleplay has set up for her little one. Playing memory games can improve brain functions such as attention, concentration and focus.
We have several different themes available with our 1-10 memory match as we know that children have different interests and it makes it so much more fun when a little dinosaur lover has to count dinosaurs! We have dots, dinosaurs, diggers, rainbows & lady bugs.
Grace from @prettysimpleplay has used her 1-10 rainbows in so many ways and here her little one is simply lining the digits in order from 1 to 10 and then matching the number of rainbows underneath. Counting is a very important skill to know so that we can understand that numbers have an order and also be able to count numbers easily.
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