Farm Animal Flash Cards Feature #007

Farm Animal Flash Cards
We have a very special feature this week as we focus on the amazing Zoe from @_walkinginthewild_ and her wonderful, creative activities. Zoe is such a talented artist and has the most brilliant play ideas with cardboard, sensory play, outdoor play and educational play - make sure you're following along!
This feature is written by Zoe and all photos are her amazing work.
Sensory Play
We have loved using our flash cards in a range of activities and they have been successful with both my 2 year old and 4 year old. They have been fun to add alongside lots of sensory play to engage my boys. My 4 year old is starting to match up the letters of each animals and my 2 year old can practice animal sounds and naming!
They have been great to use for matching as well. I made up a matching animal game from cardboard and the boys used them to extend their play. They will often gravitate towards them due to the inviting images and colours. They are sturdy as well - perfect for my youngest who still plays quite ‘enthusiastically’ with many things and card will often just bend!
They have worked brilliantly in our cardboard alphabet play activities too where we are looking at a letter a week! The boys love seeing them pop up in our play.
Thank you Zoe!
We always love seeing what she gets up to using our sets and have loved all of these fabulous ideas using our farm animal flash cards!
Here's some more amazing play ideas from Zoe at @_walkinginthewild_