Creepy Crawlies Feature #003

Our creepy crawlies story tellers set features 20 double sided discs. You'll find 20 popular (or not so popular) creatures with a real life image on side side with their name printed on the reverse side.

Let's check out some not so creepy play ideas for our bug loving kids!

Find by Feature

Who doesn't love kinetic sand?! Add in our creepy crawlies for a great interest extension. Here, we've buried the discs most of the way in the sand with part of the animal's feature still visible. Turn this into a guessing game and see if the kids can recognise the animals by their features. By doing this, it encourages children to pay attention to detail and uses their memory.

Bug Hunt

Another incredible activity from Sara! She's created her own checklist of creepy crawlies that they commonly find in their garden. This is a great way to explore nature in your back garden or on a nature walk. Stuck inside on a rainy day?... have some story time and find the insects in the book and find the matching disc! Nature is such a wonderful sensory activity, with so many things to see, hear, smell and feel.

Bug Lovers

This is a perfect activity from Mel for little hands that don't want to go near anything that creeps or crawls. We all know some kids absolutely love to touch all the insects all the time and that some kids don't want anything to do with them. This activity allows them to investigate, look and get close to bugs without them being uncomfortable and frightened.

 Sorting & Art

Trish has set up two wonderful invitations to play using our creepy crawlies set. The left activity is a sorting activity for her children to sort the animals into flying and crawling and walking. This is a great activity to notice similarities and differences between animals. The right activity is an invitation to draw and paint with our creepy crawlies as inspiration. Don't forget to tag us when you're drawing along side our discs #mylittlesetdraw. Check out the hashtag for other ideas. Drawing helps with children's development of fine motor skills as they learn to control their finger grip and movement to the ideas they are expressing.


Have you got a little learner on your hands who is loving their letter recognition and sounds? We've set this up with just a couple of the creepy crawly discs and their matching beginning letter for little ones to sound out the word and find the matching sound. The benefit is, the animal names are on the reverse side for them to check if it's correct. Again, we've set this up in kinetic sand for those sensory loving fingers.


If your little one is smashing out the sound recognition in the previous activity, let them have a go at spelling out the whole name of the animal! We've added our double sided alphabet set to this activity. You could leave all of the creepy crawlies in the bag, pick one out without looking and have a go at spelling it out, then check on the back to see if you're correct! This is a perfect activity for bug and letter loving little people.

Bug World

Who's little one loves small world play? Sara set this up with a magnifying glass, leaves and mini animal figures to bury, dig, sort and match with. How FUN!!! This is another perfect activity for a rainy day, exploring bugs without touching them (too creepy) and as a matching activity.

Find & Match

Keep your creepy crawlies set on stand by for when your little one finds those bugs and doesn't want to leave the bug! It's a great way to instantly extend their interest. They can compare the disc and bug in real life and have an idea of their real size and in 3D form. Learning their name and letter sounds is an added bonus!

WOW! This feature has been jammed packed with activities using our creepy crawlies set. So again, as a thank you, we have our 48 hour special on this set for you! We are offering you 25% off our creepy crawlies story tellers until noon Sunday 18th April. Use the code CREEPY

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