Colour Hunt Feature #002

Our colour hunt features a timber activity board and 12 matching discs and is the focus for our second feature!

Let's get stuck into it with our first activity idea!
Connetix Cars & Colours
How amazing is this activity from Mel at featuring our colour hunt board and discs. Mel has set up connetix carports with our discs on top for her car enthusiast son to match his coloured cars into. Colour recognition is an essential life skill and colour matching activities are perfect for categorising, sorting, comparing and organising.
Colours In Nature
How wonderful is nature! It's full of so much colour and inspiration. Take our colour hunt board on a nature walk or explore your favourite garden and collect as many colour items as you can and match them to the board. There's plenty of benefits when it comes to spending time in nature so here's a few.. stress relief, increased mental energy and enhances a sense of peace and often brings out nurturing qualities in children.
Colour Puzzles
The incredible Zoe from @_walkinginthewild_ is an extremely talented artist and creates the most amazing cardboard puzzles for her boys. She always blends together several different resources for a learning experience and here she has joined our colour hunt with her own crayon puzzle. Matching activities can increase short term memory and attention to detail, so the more things to match, the better!
Animal Matching
Who doesn't love miniature animals? They are the perfect match for colour sorting and matching with our activity board. I'm sure your mini has their favourite miniature animal that goes with them everywhere and other animals that they just won't touch. You could make this ocean themed, bush themed, insect themed and so much more! The only problem is where does the panda and zebra go? Haha!! Anyway. This is a simple but fun activity with plenty of benefits of sorting, differentiating, matching, memory building and also building on their animal feature awareness.
Simply Perfect
Our colour hunt board can be such a simple activity for engagement and learning and Melissa from @sweet.little.adventures has made the most beautiful little set ups for her daughters. You could hide the discs around the house for the kids to go on a colour hunt on a rainy day. You could name a colour and send the kids around the house to find as many items of that colour as they can - perfect for counting and noticing details.
That brings us to the end of our second feature! Thank you so much for reading along and supporting our wonderful followers and their amazing invitations to play.
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