Alphabet Hunt Feature #006

One of the greatest songs that little ones always put their own little twist on... especially lmnop! This week's feature is our extremely popular alphabet hunt!
Our alphabet hunt mega pack comes with a 52 piece disc set - a to z of things and a to z of animals! Super cool I know! You can also pair these boards with our alphabet disc sets to match by letters. Let's see how our wonderful customers are using their alphabet hunt.
Name Recognition
The wonderful Mel from snapped up our alphabet hunt as soon as it was released! She's set up a colourful invitation to explore using a sensory tray with rice, tongs, cups and our alphabet discs with the letters of his name. Outcome 4 of the Early Years Learning Framework focuses on children being confident and involved learners with these points 'Children use processes such as exploration, collaboration and problem solving across all aspects of curriculum. Developing dispositions such as curiosity, persistence and creativity enables children to participate in and gain from learning.' Mel's activity allows James to explore the sensory tub, collaborate with Mel in learning the letters of his name and problem solving by finding the matching letter. Awesome!!
Small World Sounds
I love this play tray from Suzette @a_learningthroughplay! It's the perfect way to incorporate a child's love of animals into learning letters and sounds. Following and including a child's interest can lead to longer engagement. Suzette has covered some of our letter discs with animals that start with that sound which is a great visual and audible example of the sound of that letter.
Hide & Seek
Is it a rainy day? Does your little one need to get active but also stuck inside? Well Tami from @homeplayallday has a brilliant idea! Tami hid our double sided alphabet discs around the play room and house for her little one to find, then matched them to the alphabet hunt board. Playing hide and seek with small items encourages children to pay attention to detail, encourages persistence and provides a send of achievement when the disc is matched to the board.
Transport Sounds
Here's another great example of involving a child's interest while learning sounds and letters. Sara from has combined the alphabet hunt board with our transport story tellers to involve Henry's love of vehicles. Creating activities of interest are beneficial to children. Interest activities guide play, exploration and discovery which are all used to foster children’s holistic development.
Tami from @homeplayallday has the alphabet hunt on high rotation at the moment and why not when it's this fun! This is a great way of learning the sequence of the alphabet and great for growing those matching skills! Cover the letters on the board, choose an alphabet disc and lift a piece to find out if you've discovered the correct matching letter. The ability to sequence is an important skill for comprehension, reading and writing.
A great way to start using our alphabet hunt like Henry from is by using phonics of the pictures to match to the phonics of the letters that he's learning. Phonics is a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system. Our a-z pictures have 2 sets of a to z pictures. One set is a to z of items, places and things and the second set is a to z of animals or you can mix and match!
So thank you again for taking time to see some amazing ways of using our alphabet hunt for play based learning. 
Check them out HERE