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How we use our My Little Set Picture Discs
I just love discovering new and super engaging resources my little one can use in lots of different and fun
ways. I recently came across My Little Set and I have been busy exploring the many ways that we can use
their adorable picture disks.

House Hunt
Send your little ones on a disk hunt around the home to find these fun picture treasures. We hid one set of
the Shape Memory Discs around the house and we used the other set of memory pictures as a checklist, so
we knew exactly which disks we still needed to find.

Look at Letters
Encourage your little one to have a go at writing the word for the picture on the dicks.  For some little ones
this could just mean writing the initial sound. This makes practicing spelling and writing so much fun for
your little ones!

Part of Play
Encourage your little one to use their picture disks as part of their play. Here we used the Traffic Story
Telling Set along with our toy cars and road tape. The picture discs have been used to represent cars and
road signs, so we can make our pretend driving adventures more fun.
Small World Addition
We have used our Beach Themed Storytelling Discs as part of our Ocean themed small world. Your little
one could also have ago at drawing a setting or create an amazing small world scene using various craft

Create a Story
Encourage your little one to use their imagination and create their own story. We used At The Beach Story
Telling Set to make up our own story about a day at the beach. We also used the Storytelling Blocks to set
up our disks, which was a great way for my little one to stay on track while telling his beachy story.

Role Play
The picture discs can be used as an extra fun addition in imaginative play. We love playing shops and my
little one uses our front door as the entry to his pretend marketplace, he goes in and out carrying his
shopping basket filled with all his goodies. He happened to find our Fruit and Vegetable picture disks and
added them to his shopping basket on one of his trips.

Making Shapes

Here, we used the Shape Memory Match disks as a prompt and I encouraged my little one to create the
shapes using play dough. You could also encourage your little one to practice drawing the shape in sand, use
a pencil and paper, on a magnetic board, drawing on the pavement with chalk or with a whiteboard and

Writing Prompt
Encourage your little one to use the My Little Set picture disks as prompts for creating their own list. For
example, while you are writing the shopping list, your little one can make their own list by sorting the Fruit
and Vegetable Story Telling disks. This helps them to recognise items and practice writing.

Sorting Colours

If your little one is a bundle of energy and would rather be up and about -set them a challenge to find
different objects around the house and then encourage your little one to match the objects to the Colour
Memory Disks.
There are so many different ways that you and your family can use these fun filled little disks.
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